Can I still bring my dog?

Yes of course! We welcome all pooches to our hotels. Please contact the hotel prior to your stay to inform us that you wish to bring your trusted companion. There is a supplement charge of £10 per dog per night.

Can I book for myself and friends? Is so what’s the maximum?

We would love for you to bring your friends & family! If you are hoping to dine with us then the government guidelines must be adhered to at the time of staying. These regulations will be altering in the future but we want you together with your friends to have a good time, and we will endeavour to offer you this.

Will I have to wear a facemask in the hotel?

It won’t be a requirement for guests to wear facemasks during their stay, of course if you would prefer to wear a mask, we are fine with that. The staff at present will be wearing masks and other forms of PPE

Will the staff be wearing PPE?

Yes, this will be provided to all our staff to wear whilst at work, it’s also the same for staff that work behind the scenes and the cleaners. You will also see screens in certain environments too.

If I need to move my booking, how and when can I do this?

We have extended the cancellation policies on our bookings and if for any reason you cannot attend your stay just contact the team and they can advise on amending your booking. We will offer you maximum flexibility at all times. It’s a strange situation that we are all in but we want to ensure you stay with us and then come back in the future.

What if I request a refund for my booking?

All bookings will be offered a free transfer to an alternative date or hotel, that is our preferred option. However, if you do require a refund then this can be arranged with a member of team. Once the refund is requested, we will then inform you of a future date by which you will be refunded.

Can I call the hotel whilst they are closed? Will anyone answer?

The hotel phone lines are currently diverted to a central reservations team, they will be happy to assist you with bookings and queries. The team here have an in-depth knowledge of all the hotels and will love to help.

Will the hotel be at maximum capacity upon reopening?

This depends somewhat on what the government state. However, we are very confident that within all our hotels we will be able to maintain social distancing whatever the number of people we have visiting. We have conducted a thorough risk assessment and implementing a huge amount of measures to ensure you and the staff are safe as well as delivering a fun experience in a Lavender Hotel.

I have a booking at 1 hotel, can I change to another hotel?

If the hotel which you are booked at is not opening in time for your stay and we have one of our others venues open we would be happy to transfer your booking – Subject to availability


How many people can sit per table?

Currently we will allow tables of up to 6 guests, this can be from a maximum of two households. Again, this may change as restrictions are eased. We have loads of room though so managing this we think will be relatively easy.

Will I be able to go to the bar for my own drinks?

At the moment we will just offer table service to reduce the amount of movement around the bar area. Don’t worry we will be on hand for you.

Do you have outside seating available?

We do have outside seating available at some of our venues namely the Higher Trapp, Everglades and Oaks.

Will I be able to sit with my friends whilst having dinner?

Yes, we will try to sit any guests staying together at one table if requested, At the moment this is a maximum of 6 guests from a maximum of two households.


When will the Leisure Club reopen?

As soon as the government allow us to open the leisure club’s we will. This is just for the properties at the Oaks and Old Mill.

Will I have to book to use the facility?

Yes, we envisage that you probably will, once this has been established, we will arrange times with you.

How often will the Gym Equipment be cleaned?

All equipment is cleaned prior to use and after use by the user/operator. We also have a fixed cleaning regime in the sites when all areas will be sanitised.

How many people will you let in the Leisure Club at a time?

Again, this depends on restrictions that are placed on us by the government. We are able to move equipment so maintain distancing and utilise additional space.

Will there still be PT sessions available?

Yes of course, as soon as the venues are allowed to open

Do all your venues have Leisure Facilities?

Only the Old Mill and Oaks Hotel have leisure facilities

Is it free for hotel residents to use the Leisure Club?

Yes, it is.

Can we use the changing rooms?

Again, we are not sure yet, however we hope that you will be able to. Maintaining social distancing in these areas may be a little harder but we will all need to adopt a sensible approach. For hotel residents it may be easier to use your facilities in your bedroom/bathroom.


What will the procedure be for cleaning my room? Will my room be cleaned whilst I am staying at the hotel for a number of days?

The bedrooms and bathrooms will be cleaned thoroughly according to our standards that are approved by Environmental Health and have the “Safe, clean and legal kitemark”. During your stay no we won’t clean the bedrooms unless you request us to. All spares and additional stock will be provided for you when asked.

Will the cleaning staff be wearing the correct PPE?

Yes, All the housekeeping must wear PPE during their shift, this will be mask, apron and gloves.


Do I prepay for my All-Inclusive Stay?

Yes, the all-inclusive offer is a pre-paid rate, this can be done over the phone and via the website.

Can I change the dates on my All Inc booking?

We have extended the policy and you will be able to adjust your all-inclusive booking up to December 2021.

What happens to my booking if the hotel has to close again due to local lockdown?

We will transfer your booking to an alternative date where possible however due to the semi-rural location of our hotels we hope this won’t be a scenario.

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